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Friday, November 04, 2005

Google pays for AdSense referrals

A new Google AdSense feature was announced today that allows website operators to place referral buttons on their sites for AdSense or Mozilla Firefox browser with the Google Toolbar. Every referral wins cash for webmasters.

Google has added the referral feature in response to publisher requests for such a service that also helps them generate earnings, enable visitors to monetize their own sites, or improve their web browsing experience.

"We've made it easier to spread the word about AdSense with referrals, our newest feature. Not only can you connect friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers with AdSense, but you can generate more earnings in the process," writes Mohammed at the AdSense blog.

Every AdSense referral earns site operators $100, while every Firefox with Google Toolbar download earns them "up to" $1.

Interested webmasters can add the feature through Google's AdSense page.

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